Steeldump is an unofficial APT repository for applications written in Common Lisp.

All packages included are assumed to be Free Software under various different licenses. No warranty whatsoever can be provided for Steeldump. "Now fear, comprehensively."



Belatedly, a release based on SBCL 0.9.14.


New release based on SBCL 0.9.13.

Added two window managers written entirely in Lisp:

Minor addition: The CLIM Listener has its own startup script now, included in the steeldump-mcclim package.


First public release. Please test gently. Based on SBCL 0.9.12.

Changes since the very first #lisp preview release:


Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list, then run aptitude update.

deb unstable main

Packages are all named steeldump-foo. E.g., to install climacs, type aptitude install steeldump-climacs. All packages install exclusively to /opt/steeldump and do not interact with the Lisp packages included in Debian at all.

There are no source code packages, but full source code is included in each binary package. (Except for SBCL itself, which is packaged as steeldump-sbcl with source code only for the contribs, as usual.)


How to report problems

If you encounter something you think is a bug, please try to find out whether the problem lies with steeldump or with the upstream application/library.

If you believe steeldump is to blame, please send bug reports to to avoid pestering upstream maintainers with problems they cannot know anything about. If possible, please include a patch. See below for instructions on the steeldump scripts.

If, however, the bug is also present is the upstream source code, please send your report directly to the upstream project. Thanks.